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Arega, YOUR PARTNER in Health

Partnerships & collaborations

Arega is a full-service, established pharmaceutical company, eager for expansion. We rely on experience and expertise we have acquired through the years in pre-marketing  to  post-marketing phases.

Partnering, key for expansion

Alliances based on a mutual commitment and exchange of expertise is key for expansion of our company. This vision allows us to move to the next level by capitalizing on these complementarity partnerships.

With pharmaceutical stakeholders

Together with pharmaceutical partners we will share our know-how and expertise and select new business opportunities.

Within the academic community

We will maintain and will continue to build on the solid relationships we have with key opinion leaders we have involved in selected research & development programs, focusing on unmet medical needs. This will enable us to be at the heart of academic, scientific and clinical knowledge.

Generating opportunities

To enhance our portfolio, we continuously assess opportunities to collaborate with various key stakeholders that will bring crossover added-value and thanks to shared experience and expertise, will accelerate inflow of drug candidates and treatment solutions.

Whether you are in the industry, academic research institution and/or advocacy group setting, we are always available to discuss collaboration with you.

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