New partnership

Generic Medicines Day – 2021
25 October 2021
Symposium 2022
12 December 2021

As of 1 November 2021, Arega will be the exclusive distributor of the Tinge cosmetics range on the Belgian and Luxembourg market!

We at Arega want to contribute to well-being for everyone. In the context of an ongoing expansion of our activities, we are very proud to be able to announce that we have entered a partnership with a young, high-quality player on the Belgian market, namely HEW Pharma.

This company of Belgian origin is, as producer of the cosmetics range Tinge, not an unknown name in Flanders, with now 350 pharmacy outlets.

Arega will be responsible for the distribution of the Tinge cosmetics range from 1 November, to allow this beautiful range to reach its full potential. Besides offering affordable care, comfort solutions and health support, Arega now also offers an extensive range of natural care products.

Tinge is a complete range of natural care products for the sensitive skin of young and old. These state-of-the-art products are composed and produced in Belgium, whereby naturalness and safety are central. The Tinge range consists of a complete assortment of face and body care products, a baby range, and a range for future and young mothers.

What makes these care products so unique is, among other things, the use of natural active substances of the highest quality, processed in high quantities in the cosmetics, supported by science. Moreover, Tinge also stands for a broad focus on a minimum ecological footprint in packaging and production. The philosophy behind this product range is therefore fully in line with that of Arega.

Tinge is a brand that completely fits in with our mission at Arega, because to us everybody counts! We Arega are therefore very proud, as an international player with our own Belgian roots, to support this Belgian brand and to contribute to the Belgian economy. Because to us, everyone counts.