Generic Medicines Day – 2021

Arega Symposium
6 September 2021
New partnership
26 October 2021

Today, 28 October, we celebrate Generic Medicines Day.

A day on which we, in collaboration with Medaxes, want to create more awareness on the importance of generic medicines to keep affordable medicines available for everyone.

At Arega, we are aware of the challenges patients face every day and we help find solutions. An important part of this is that we want to keep medicines accessible and affordable for every patient. Because for Arega, everyone counts.

This year’s Generic Medicines Day, now in its second edition, is dedicated to promoting a sustainable environment for affordable, off-patent medicines.

Generic medicines, along with other low-cost off-patent medicines, are key to improving access to healthcare.

Across Europe, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised the alarm to address availability issues, especially for off-patent medicines.

Promoting a sustainable environment for these medicines is vital for the efficiency of the pharmaceutical market. A European pharmaceutical strategy is therefore being developed to ensure better

access to medicines and a sustainable drug chain.

At the Belgian level, the federal government’s manifesto argues for greater use of low-cost medicines and for safeguarding access to them. This is to keep healthcare affordable and therefore accessible to everyone.

An initiative that, as an important player in the Generics market, we can only encourage. Because for us, everyone counts.