We at Arega pay attention to the challenges that patients are faced with every day and we look for solutions. An important part of this is that we want to make medicines accessible and affordable for every patient. At Arega we embrace everyone. That is why we offer a wide range of qualitative Teva generics.

What is a generic?

Generic medicines are medicines that contain the same chemical substance as the originator drug that was protected by patents that have expired. 

Generic drugs have the same intended use, are exactly the same dosage and strength and route of administration as the original drug. Generic drugs are required to work as fast and as effectively as the original brand-name products; they are considered to be completely biologically equivalent to the original, even though they may look different or have a different name. 

Everyone counts is our motto

That is why we aim to keep healthcare accessible to everyone. Choosing a generic drug not only means a financial benefit for you as a patient, but also saves up to 30% in health insurance as well as on the total Health budget. Choosing a generic drug not only provides a financial benefit for the patient but also makes a difference for the full health care. These savings allow budgets to be released to invest in new and sometimes very expensive treatments for life-threatening or rare diseases. The savings by opting for generics also frees up room in the budget for treatment of life-threatening or rare diseases. That is why generics are essential to keep healthcare accessible to everyone.

Exclusive distributor of Teva Generics portfolio

Arega distributes in full exclusivity the Teva Pharmaceuticals Generics and OTC products in Belgium and Luxembourg, offering as top 3 most of the important generic players on the Belgian market, a full spectrum within all different therapeutic areas, and represented in all segments: hospital, retail, generic, prescription, OTC (over the counter).

Highest quality standards

Teva Pharmaceuticals is among the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies and supplying as the world’s leading manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals, a tremendous variety of medicines that touch the lives of close to 200 million people daily. To make sure each of those patients receives safe, quality therapies. 94% of Teva medicines distributed via Belgium pharmacies are produced in high quality European production facilities.

European production leads to a cleaner ecological footprint of medicines as well as increased flexibility to temporary higher demand. This way the threat of medicine shortage can be countered.

Together with Teva Arega strives to deliver quality medicines to patients with integrity and ethical business practices.

With this partnership Arega guarantees an optimal and sustainable support of both product ranges to assure continuity and make a difference in healthcare. Especially for the patient and improving the lives and health of all those who depend on Teva products.

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