Hygiene care

Arega offers a full range of highly effective, derma test-certified products for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection, as well as professional grade skin and hand cleaning and caring products.

Furthermore, with ​Swash® we offer a complete line of personal care products to enable hygienic and waterless bathing of dependent people​.

Swash® products, impregnated gloves, and wipes with cleansing lotion, are person-bound and facilitate an easier, more hygienic, and comfortable bed bath making this routine a more enjoyable experience. Read more

Hygienic waste management is our 3rd pillar; INKOn)(aut enables effective, hygienic, odorless waste management in hospitals and caring homes.

The INKO)(aut incontinence vacuum system effectively isolates incontinence waste within the caring facility. Then storage and transport are safe and odor free.

The use of INKO)(aut incontinence vacuum system leads to a significant reduction of waste’s volume and therefore will offer a considerable saving of costs for waste disposal.

Incontinence waste is a constant danger to nursing staff through contamination by germs and drug resistant pathogens. With INKO)(aut, the risk of infection will be minimized.

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