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Arega’s baby care line includes Infacol®, Vibovit® and Dermocrem®


Babies with cramps are inconsolable and make you feel helpless as a parent. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent or alleviate colic.

Babies gulp air down during feeding. This air can get stuck in your baby's stomach or bowels and cause stomach and intestinal cramps. Not being able to get rid of this trapped air can be very painful for your baby.

Infacol® can help to merge the small gas bubbles into large gas bubbles which your baby can easily expel as air.

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Does your child eat sufficiently varied and nutritious meals? Children in full development need a healthy and varied diet. This is important for their growth and development.

Nutrition can be supplemented with a multivitamin preparation that is adapted to the specific stage of life.

Discover VIBOVIT® JUNIOR 4+ Dino, a multivitamin for children aged 4-7 years that contains a combination of different minerals, in line with the applicable guidelines of the High Health Council¹.

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¹ Superior Health Council. Dietary recommendations for Belgium - 2016. Brussels: SHC; 2016. Opinion No.9285


All babies and small children are vulnerable to red bottoms: during the very first defecation of babies (meconium), during teething, from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and when eating solid food for the first time.

Dermocrem® protects and soothes your baby's red bottom

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