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Our passion for healthcare

Arega originated from a passion for better healthcare with the conviction that we continue to improve and make a difference within the healthcare landscape when cooperating with various partners and parties.

Our mission

Part of our mission is to invest in finding solutions to increase the comfort and well-being of people, where everyone counts. We pay attention to the challenges patients face on a daily basis and invest in solutions that improve patient care and keep it affordable and accessible. We contribute to optimizing patient care by uniting different parties and by paying attention to the challenges that patients and healthcare professionals face on a daily base.

Every day we face new challenges and also new opportunities. In that light we continue to develop and grow. Our values always remain a common thread in our actions and in determining and achieving our strategic goals. We are committed to act conform legislation and regulations, apply the highest ethical standards and deontology, and always act truthfully and scientifically rigorous. We act fairly, correct, and respectful in all our endeavours and in full transparency with our internal and external relationships.

We are Arega

The name Arega derives from the Ancient Greek term which stands for support and that is also what we want to stand for. This philosophy is also reflected in our values. Our five values are the foundation of our company. They not only represent our Arega identity, but also determine the way in which we work together. Our values are central to our corporate culture and determine how we wish to profile ourselves externally, how we want to deal with our customers, our suppliers, and our business partners as well as internally how we cooperate and act with our colleagues. We are guided by our five values in all our actions, activities and decisions

Duty of care

Take care of your colleagues, be empathic, be sensitive for each other’s situation


Respect eachothers’ work. Show respect in your communication and behaviour. Value diverse visions and opinions. Don’t judge. Treat everyone equally.

Enjoy the success of others

Create a climate where you award and celebrate successes of your colleagues. Your successes and those of all our colleagues cumulates into the success of all. The Arega success is ours.


Trust each other and each other’s work. Accept mistakes. Confidence and believe in yourself and your colleagues


1 + 1 = 3. We work with each other and certainly not against each other. Work and act as one team

Arega wants also to be a place of growth and exchanges for its employees. By investing in them, offer them best tools to perform with attention for the human side and a good work-fun balance.

We think it’s important to share our knowledge and celebrate our successes, We intend to seize the opportunities that arise to ensure our growth, we encourage responsibility and make sure each employee feels good in their job and proud of their contribution

Do you share our passion ?

Do you want to play an important role in making every day a significant difference for all people involved in healthcare? Do you also love real challenges? Do you wish to grow with us and develop your potential? Are you an enthusiastic team player? Join our team in this adventure full of motivating challenges and rewarding perspectives.